Eastern North Carolina

October 28, 2023 Business Meeting

At the October 28, 2023 meeting, the following service positions were filled:

DCM (District Committee Member)– Mack McL
Alt DCM–Josh B.
Treasurer–Frank K.
Secretary–Laura R.
Treatment Coordinator–Kaleb B.

The District is still in need of someone to fill the following Service positions. Please help carry the message by volunteering for one of these. You won’t have to do it alone; the outgoing folks will help you all they can.

Corrections Facility Coordinator (CFC)
(Liaison between District 60 and all Prisons/Jails)
Cooperation with Professionals Coordinator (CPC)
Public Information Coordinator (PI)
Grapevine Representative
Accessibility Coordinator
Archives (history of District 60)

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