The District 60 Website Admin will add or modify meetings once a request is received via email. When the meeting is added it will appear on this website (Meetings page) and also on the AA 12 Step Meetings Guide app for Android and iPhone. The meeting listings will also have a map to the meeting location. Please follow the below instructions for new or existing meetings.

New Meetings – please email the District 60 Admin at with any new meeting/s information and include the following: Meeting name, meeting address, day/time of meeting, type of meeting (i.e. discussion, step, open/closed meeting), any special instructions such as ‘basement entrance’.

Existing Meetings – go to the Meetings page, select the meeting which needs changed and and click ‘Request a change to this meeting‘. Enter your name, email address and the instructions to make any changes.

For further information about specific meetings or AA please attend one of the many meetings listed on the Meetings page and someone will be glad to answer any questions you may have while at the meeting. This website is not for seeking advice or suggestions.

For further assistance please visit the NC AA website at or

If you need help now or for information about AA and the 12 Step Meeting Guide please visit